NAB 2016 – A Perspective

The NAB Show 2016 tag line was “Ready, Set, Unleash”, telling of barriers coming down across media and entertainment as content is available  on more platforms and devices with less constraints. The unleashing is opportunity via industry transformation.  Highlights from several conference sessions.  Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
May 5, 2016

TV of Tomorrow – are we there yet?

While there is still a lot of work to do in the development of the new television ecosystem to effectively support the consumer, content provider and advertiser,  TV of tomorrow has begun.   At the TVOT show in San Francisco (June 2015), topics focused on the contemporary happenings and challenges.   While discussion centred on the U.S. market, many of the challenges and insights are relevant to Canada.   Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
July 16, 2015

Advanced TV advertising – a discussion

Summary highlights from the Future TV Advertising Forum held May 2015 in Toronto.  Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
June 25, 2015

Tip of the iceberg

Some start-ups have disappeared where others such as Netflix are no longer viewed as the new guy on the block.   Several key change factors have emerged which are the tip of the iceberg and will continue to sculpt the tv landscape.  Read Article>

Broadcast Dialogue
May 28, 2015

Shifting media economics

NAB 2015 showed a marked change in focus, including a series of sessions under the title “Shifting Media Economics:  Impact on Strategy, Finance and Technology” offering perspectives from product vendors, broadcast buyers, service providers and investors.  Read article >

Broadcast Dialogue
May 7, 2015

New methods for engagement

There appeared to be a subtle shift from past NAB conferences this year in that technology seemed to take a place behind new methods in storytelling and advertising.  Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
April 24, 2014

When will TV be everywhere?

The NAB 2013 conference in Las Vegas, with a tag line of MEtamorphosis, underlined many of the upcoming changes in the broadcasting industry. ME is the acronym for Media & Entertainment, and sessions went beyond traditional broadcasting. Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
April 25, 2013

E-M-T-V Commerce … what the?

Highlights from a panel discussion on new online e-commerce opportunities with second screen examples. Held at the TVOT Conference, Dec 2012 (TV of Tomorrow). Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
March 7, 2013

What’s a Cable Article doing in Broadcast Dialogue?

The lines between cable and broadcasting have become a bit blurry – worlds colliding. This article highlights what they were talking about, on the other side of the fence, at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers — Canadian Summit 2012, held in Toronto. Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
June 2012

File-based Workflows for the Digital Age

The headline for this article speaks to it’s popularity at many conferences and expert panel sessions. One such session was staged in Toronto by Signiant and Applied Electronics. The panel included representation from broadcast, media and entertainment companies. Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
November 1, 2011

Watch Out for those new UV rays !

The broad stroke is that UltraViolet (UV) will allow consumers to purchase digital content and watch it wherever and whenever. It is a combination of a new format standard for content distributors and manufacturers, along with a video storage locker and rights management outlet within the Internet cloud. Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
May 31, 2011

IT Based Systems; What’s the Impact on a Broadcast Engineer?

Looking at how the role and responsibilities of a broadcast engineer has changed with the impact of IT and file based technology. Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
April 5, 2011

Top Down, Bottom Up, or Sideways?

Convergence is happening across the broadcasting and media industries, as well, within organizations. What is the most effective approach to transformation? Read Article >

Broadcast Dialogue
January 25, 2011

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