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As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) or “Change Agent”, Laurie Kennedy is a catalyst for change, bringing strong leadership, mentoring and methodology to the business teams she works with.   More than a project manager, Laurie’s skillset includes Business Planning, Process Engineering, IT Design/ Implementation, and Change Management.

Laurie is an independent consultant and owner of Sapphire Leadership, Inc. since 1996.   Prior, she spent 13 years at CTV Television Network in a variety of roles from Systems Developer to Director, IT.   As a consultant, Laurie has worked in a variety of industries, including Consumer Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Call Centres, focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) applications.   Experience also includes Broadcast and Media, in Radio/TV Broadcast Management, Video/Media Production, and Digital Asset Management (DAM/MAM).

Laurie has successfully completed many complex projects initiated by new technology, mergers, and facility builds.   She has worked with Warner-Lambert, Parke-Davis, Foresters,  Rogers Radio, Sportsnet, Citytv/Omni, MLSE, The Shopping Channel, Canwest Global, and others.

Laurie excels with people and change challenges, able to bridge senior management with operations, ensuring their vision is brought to life, on time and within budget.   With operational change, the important step of “process modelling” is often overlooked and not well understood.   Laurie fills that void.  Her approach confirms first, WHAT the business needs and WHY, with conceptual process modelling, prior to moving on to the ENABLERS (people, technology, facilities).  With a systems development background, Laurie can easily facilitate the translation of business needs into effective systems designs.   With a big picture perspective, Laurie ensures clear communication with all team perspectives, including vendors, from overall vision to system integration points.

Striving to stay current on industry shifts by attending conferences, online periodicals, and research, Laurie enjoys sharing what she learns through writing articles, online posts and speaking with colleagues.

Laurie is uniquely positioned with a diverse background in Direct Marketing (CRM, SFA), Digital Asset Management (DAM, MAM) and Broadcasting (Radio/TV).    A deep well to draw upon when helping you transform your organization.

Laurie S. Kennedy, CMC
Laurie S. Kennedy, CMC

PHONE (416) 918 – 4161

EMAIL LSKennedy@sapphireleader.com

BASED IN: Toronto, Canada

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years within the Broadcast Media industry (Television (conventional, specialty, networks) / Radio / Web / Wireless)
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