strategic planning

Corporate Vision

  • clarify overall vision, goals and objectives
  • facilitate planning sessions and workshops
tactical planning

Business Transformation Program

  • Program/ Project Charter
  • complex change projects have multiple project tracks to meet the overall vision & objectives
  • “Program” refers to the overall planning, top-line management and alignment of multiple project tracks (umbrella view over sub-projects)

Project Tracks

  • Work Break-down Structure (WBS)
  • phasing, activities/ tasks, dependencies, roles & responsibilities
  • Budget and Timeline

Project Teams

  • Sponsor, Steering Committee, Core Management Team
  • Working Teams – Business, Technical, Vendor

Proven Structured Approach and Methodology

  • weave and align interdependent activities
people (change) management

Common Vision

  • managing change is about managing people;  including change resistors and change influencers
  • communicate and align objectives & expectations across organization

New World Design

  • lead / coach / facilitate Project Teams, Management, Steering Committee
  • encourage personal growth, new ideas, move out of comfort zone
  • team accountability and ownership of tasks and decisions


  • Communication Plan — Internal marketing
  • Transition Plan – people/ role changes;  impact to organization
  • Staff Roll-out Training — roles, process workflow, enabling technology

Continuous Improvement

  • develop internal company knowledge, skills  & ownership
  • mechanisms to allow for periodic reviews and continuous improvement
process (workflow) engineering

Current World Review

  • current world practices and existing tools/ technology
  • identify issues and concerns;  root cause analysis

Desired New World

  • common understanding of  business objectives
  • understand the impact and/or potential  of new or existing technology
  • high level process and data modelling
  • develop a streamlined and agreed upon “what” you need to operate your business
  • design optimal “how” process workflows and supporting technology
technology (select / design) implementation

Vendor Selection

  • Business Requirements (Request For Information, Request For Proposals)  
  • Research (best practices; vendors in marketplace;  site visits)
  • Selection Process (response review;  comparison / weighting)

Design of new technology

  • Centralized approach
  • Ensure cohesiveness between business requirements, desired process workflow, systems and interface design
  • Data Requirements (data modelling;  data flow)
  • Media Taxonomy  (metadata)
  • Multi-Media (media formats;  tiers of storage;  capacity planning) 


  • User acceptance testing (unit, end to end workflow, application interfaces (API’s), facility stress testing)
project management

Ensure the right tasks are done at the right time to meet the overall program/project goals and timelines!

  • Communication Plan
  • Team Meetings
  • Progress / Status Reports
  • Budget Tracking
  • Risk Management
  • Problem Solving / Escalation
vendor management / systems integration

Central point of management

  • Complex, multi-vendor,  and multi-system projects require a central point of management to ensure consistent communication and agreement of overall designs

Overall business requirements and design

  • More than just task management;  this requires an understanding of the overall business requirements and technical design to ensure a cohesive solution, as well, to easily and quickly identify any impacts caused by changes (design / timelines / people)

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